There’s treasure underfoot. Beautifully twisted, broken, and abraded metal harvested from our city streets is raw material for my Entangled Jewelry. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, well-crafted, and as singular as its materials: metal, hardware, vintage, and jewelry finds. I pair elements using cold connection techniques into inventive constructions. But it’s more than this. I craft combinations that transform simple elements into beautiful, curious, mythical, and edgy adornment.

The sustainable practices behind Entangled Jewelry reflect a concern for the environment and a wish to reuse rather than to buy new. When my artistic efforts evolved to jewelry I was soon troubled at the thought of gem beads being continually mined in vulnerable environments. But I confess that sustainable practices dovetailed nicely with a life-long penchant to pick up washers and metal whatnots, an ever-inventive mind, and a love of metal surface. My use of found metal has also expanded purpose of my runs and my husband’s walks beyond exercise. He is chief finder as he treds new territory and returns with pocketed treasure.

The description of each jewelry item will list materials and cite those recycled and vintage. I reuse jewelry elements, especially chain, purchased at antique and collectible shops. I employ donations of hardware, buttons, and jewelry from friends. I purchase Vintaj Brass chain and findings, which are American-made and nickel-free, and use it frequently. I use purchased gem stones sparingly.

Please visit my website often. I will soon be opening the online shop and adding uncoming events on the calendar. Please also follow Entangled Jewelry on Facebook. And of course yield to the whisper if a curious and creative piece speaks to you.

All the best.